The switch

I love Halloween, I love seeing all the kids play pretend and use their imagination. I only wish more kids made their costumes, but I love seeing them all and look forward to all the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  All the smiling faces as they fill their pillow cases with cavity inducing sugar sweetness and I give a good wave to all the parents wrangling in the kids. E was a little too small to get into it this year, but we’ll see next year.  He loved seeing all the kids dressed up and laughed when the kids would come up.  When E does get old enough though, I’ll be the one to manage his pillowcase of sugary sweetness as my mom did for us.

So, I was surprised when I heard about this new thing call The Switch Witch. I won’t link it to the site, because I honestly think it’s a little, um, well, not for us. I was listening to the radio when the DJ started talking about it. The site says, The Switch Witch will use her spell to Switchcraft your candy for a special surprise!  So Halloween night, in order to get your kids to give up candy, they give an offering of sorts from their Halloween haul to the Witch and the next day, have a surprise or gift.

Is this real life?

What happened to “because I said so” or my favorite “shut up you know why”.  It was just known that you dump out your candy, inspect it, take a few, and give the rest up.

I won’t be buying/using this. Would you?

Sound off in the comments section.

Maybe I’ll try Jimmy Kimmel’s idea…HERE




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