A Wild One…

My son turned one a few weeks ago!  I love taking photos of everything.  I swear, I’ll have boxes and boxes of albums for E when he’s older.  I love that My Husband just rolls with it, what a champ.  We had the pleasure of having Heather Armijo take our photos and document E’s first year.  We are so blessed to have met her, she’s the sweetest person.

For E’s last photo session, I wanted to do something special.  Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me.  After tons of pinning, I settled on an idea and went for it.  I loved all the “Where the wild things are” themes, so I wanted to make “A Wild One” banner.  Here’s the DIY project:

What you’ll need:

-black and yellow paint (I got mine for .69ea at Michaels)

– Scissors (already had)

– Jute twine (also at Michaels, but already had)

– Small paint brush (I bought this pack, since I love crafting and might need them later)

– Canvas Banner pack

– Glue gun (already had)

– Crown (I found a template online that I liked and printed on paper. I made two sizes because I couldn’t decide which one i wanted to use.)


I painted each letter.  I didn’t use a pencil or trace anything, it was easier to just go for it.


I did trace the crown though.  20151021_180545

and painted it and used my hot glue gun to put it together.20151021_181345_001

The end result…



The crown was easy too.  I found another template I liked on google and just cut it out, pinned it on yellow felt and cut around.  I sewed the two pieces together and glued a grey felt 1 on.

After the photos, I hung the banner in E’s room and it still looks great.  I kept the crown too.

Let me know how your banner comes out!  You can send me photos on Instagram, I’d love to see them.


**Photo above taken by: Heather Armijo


Xs – BW


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