Your nose is running…

So E had been sick for a couple of days.  We tried our best to manage his little fever.  He was ok, just not feeling his best.

We got to our pediatrician, Dr. G, and it turns out he had a little cold.  His first.  Dr. G made some recommendations and then asked what we were doing for his runny nose.  We’ve always just used the bulb…you know the one.  I always hated it, E hated it and it was just awful to use.  I always felt like it never got everything.  Dr. G had an extra (never used – new in box)   aspirator I had never heard of.   The NeilMed Naspira nasal-oral aspirator.   (I found this one on Amazon HERE)  It has been amazing. (I say amazing a lot, but only to things that I feel really work or I really love haha)  I’m so glad Dr.G had one left over.  It made it so easy to get all the boogies out.  I thought E would be scared of it, but nope, he even brings his nose to me to clean.  Its like blowing their nose for them, sounds really gross, but it has a filter.  All you suction in is air.  All the nastiness gets trapped in the clear bulb part.  I promise.  I really like the end of the bulb on this one too.  Its not like the one you squeeze that I mentioned above, where the suction part is hard to fit in their tiny noses.  The NeilMED one has a thin suction part that fits gently into the nose.

After a few sleepless nights, E is finally back to his “wild” ways.

As I’m typing this though, I feel like I’m starting to come down with a cold….



On a side note:

Dr.G really is amazing.  It was so important to me to get along with the doctor I chose for E.   Not just get along, but be on the same page on a lot of other things.  They have these appointments you can set up called “New Mom Consult”.  You can set appointments to see one or all the doctors  and get a feel for them.  I made my appointment with Dr.G and I instantly loved her.  she listened to ALLLLL my questions and was very patient with me and gave me her honest opinion/recommendations on everything.  I knew she was the one.  If you’re looking for a pediatrician, call and see if they have “New Mom Consults”.


Let me know if you try the NeilMed aspirator and if you like it in the comments.  If not, what did you use that worked or didn’t?


Xs – BW

*this is NOT a sponsored post*


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