Good night, sleep tight…


A sleep training adventure…

When we decided to put E into his own room, it was hard.  We were both reluctant to move him.  I hated the first night, I don’t think I slept at all.    To be 100% honest, E was in our room, in his crib, for about a year and waking up twice a night.  We all want whats best for our kids, and I knew this was for the best, for our family.

I did some research and talked to a few moms on the approach they used in sleep training.  There’s so much information (and opinions) on the subject, so I kept looking for what would work best for us.

I stumbled on The Sleep Lady, Kim West’s book, The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight.  (I really liked that the chapters of the book were age specific)  I ended up feeling really good about her approach and talked to Luis about it.  He liked her approach also, so we went for it.  Basically,  every three nights, you move further and further away from the crib until you’re out of the room.  You sooth your baby with “sh sh sh” and tap the mattress so they know to lay down.  (if you’re really interested, I suggest getting the book for more details)  We didn’t follow her steps exactly, but E is sleeping through the night now.

The book also talks about how important routine is.  Veteran parents have told me the same.  Every night this is our routine:

Dinner, quality time, bath for E, PJ’s, book while E is having milk, prayers, we give E his snuggle blanket, goodnight kisses, bedtime.

Every. Night.

Here’s how the first three night went…

Night One:

This night was really really hard.  E cried so much and I said “sh sh” so many times!  When he got really loud, I would get up and kiss his head and tell him “I love you, goodnight” then sit back down and say “sh sh” and tap the mattress.  (do not give in.  if you cave, they know they can get to you.  they’re smart little warriors!)  This lasted for about an hour.  After that though, he eventually got it and fell right asleep.  He woke up again at 4am, I went to his room and repeated the process with “sh sh” and tapping. This time, it took half the time to get him to sleep.

Night Two

Same routine.  This night was so much better.

Night Three:

Same routine.  Only this time, he slept all night.  Woo Hoo!  Now he leans in for goodnight kisses and points to his crib.

After night three…

We had a couple of hard nights, we’re not perfect by any means.  Overall though, I can honestly say, I’m so happy we tried this.  I feel like E is happier and Luis and I can enjoy a book, or Netflix before bed.   We also feel more rested.  Win win.

Again, this is what worked for US.   There’s so much information on this subject and so many opinions.  It can be overwhelming, but only you know what will work for your warrior.  Trust that you know whats best.   At the end of the day, I think the most important thing, is that your warrior is loved.

Please comment below on what’s worked for you, or didn’t work for you.    I’d love to hear from you!

*this is NOT a sponsored post*

*Negative comments will NOT be tolerated.  Let’s be champions for one another.*

Xs – BW


3 thoughts on “Good night, sleep tight…

  1. I’m glad that it worked for you. Our little one is 7 months old. She started to wake up every hour so we ended up sleeping together now. I probably wait until she is above one and will start to think about moving her out.


  2. We just finished sleep training Dariyan and boy was it hard on me. We actually hired a sleep consultant and she put together a plan for Dariyan. It was pretty much the Ferber method and I know a lot of ppl have negative things to say about allowing your baby to cry for timed intervals and I was honestly very hesitant about doing it. However, after two months of Dariyan waking up every 45min-1hr, we needed a solution because we were all tired in the mornings, including Dariyan.

    The first night was the toughest. He woke up every hour and would cry for about 30 min total before falling back asleep. Second night he woke up only once and by the third night he was sleeping through the night.

    I think no matter what approach you choose to use, its going to be tough but in the end the results are worth it.


    1. Yay! A happy, well rested family! I’m glad to hear it worked for you guys! I had friends use that method and it worked out for them too. I read negatives and positives for The Sleep Lady too. I agree with you though, no matter the approach, it’ll be hard. The end result is most definitely worth it. 🙂


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