For the love of….


Happy February!  We have been so blessed to have beautiful weather here in Texas these past few weekends.  We’ve been going to the park a lot more to take advantage of the beautiful days.

Valentines Day is also fast approaching!  We’re not to big on gift giving but something DIY is always a home run.  I really want to do a family picnic at the park this year, but, we shall see.

I wanted to put together some gift ideas that could help us out.

Here goes…


  1. Personalized necklace for her
  2. Big Spoon, Little Spoon pillows
  3. For the Star Wars lover
  4. An everyday gift
  5. For the home


*If you’d like a valentines themed blanket made for your Baby Warrior, message me in my Etsy shop!  I can send you options and work with you to get the perfect blanket.*


What do you guys have planned for valentines day?  Any good suggestions on what to get your significant other?  Let me know in the comments.

*not a sponsored post*




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