Valentines with kiddos…

Now that Luis and I have a little one, our valentines day is a little different.  Last year we cooked lunch together while E jumped in his bouncy.  Few things are sexier than a man cooking in the kitchen, just sayin’ fellas. I wanted to put something together for those that have kiddos and want to spend the day together but don’t know what to do….


– I know this one might be hard for those where the weather is still very cold.  Today, here in Texas, its 74 degrees and BEE-autiful.  If it’s still this nice out this weekend, we might do a picnic in the park after church.  Nothing fancy.  Get lunch from a favorite restaurant and eat and play with E at the park.

The family that bakes together…

– Have the kiddos help make heart shaped mini pies.  Its so easy, fun and yummy.

  •  What you’ll need:
    • Pre-made pie crust
    • frozen strawberries or jam
    • powdered sugar
    • heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Pre-heat over to 425
  • Roll out the pie crust, use your cookie cutter to cut the hearts out.  Open frozen strawberry bag.  My strawberries were whole strawberries so I put them in a bowl first and with a fork I “pureed” them.  Then place a little bit in the center on the heart.  Place another cut out heart on top and use your fork to press the edges together.  To make them look like mini pies, I got a knife and cut two lines on top like a “v” shape.   Place in oven for about  10-15 min. 20160207_170940I wish I would have added dark melted chocolate to drizzle or dip them.  Maybe you guys can try and let me know what you did different 🙂   Luis loved them.  This will be fun to do with E when he’s older.

Craft it up

-Heart shaped stamp activity

  • What you’ll need:
    • Cardboard tube (you can use a toilet paper roll or napkin roll)
    • Red paint (or any colors you choose)
    • Canvas, poster board or any paper you’d like to use

Have the kids shape the cardboard tube in the shape of a heart.  They may need help with this.  If it gets hard to keep its shape, use tape or a rubber band around the tube to hold its shape.  Dip the cardboard in your favorite paint color and let the kids go to town!  Let the canvases dry or frame the paper.


Now you have valentines artwork to hang every year!


Let me know what you have planned in the comments.  I hope you guys have a great valentines day filled with much love!

Xs- BW


 **This is not a sponsored post**

photo credits: image 1 taken by me, image 2 from Pinterest



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