One wicked game…

The season 6 trailer dropped last night for Game of Thrones.  Its gunna be goooood!  Luis watches it because I do, but I love this show.  GoT and The Walking Dead is some of the best television, in my opinion.  It’s like watching mini movies every week.  I love it.  Aside from the awesomeness that was the trailer, that song!  Turns out its James Vincent McMorrow’s cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”  What a great cover.

HBO reeeeeally wants you to believe Jon is dead.  BUT, I subscribe to the R+L=J theory, so I’m betting this isn’t the case.  I’m so excited!  Will we get to see the Tower of Joy?  Will we finally get confirmation of R+L=J?  So many questions.

Watch the trailer and comment below to let me know your theories on this season!



It’s a not-so-long wait till 04.24.2016.




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