date night…in

Since we’ve had E, our date nights have gotten pretty mellow.  We’ve always been pretty low key, but we’re reeeeally low key now.  haha.

I guess we’ve always been homebodies at heart, so staying in most of the time isn’t a bad thing for us.

After E is put to bed…date night in begins…




-This mama loves some wine.  HEB has a really good sweet red, this one is my favorite. What’s your favorite sweet red?  I’d love to try and share!

-What girl doesn’t love chocolate?  We love dark chocolate, especially the covered almonds kind.  Godiva’s is oh so yummy.

-I bought Luis a “That 70’s Show” box set a long time ago.  It’s definitely one of our favorite shows to watch when we want a good laugh.  The Halloween episodes are some of our favorites!  What’s your favorite box set?

-I like to be comfy cozy when I’m around the house, rompers are some of the best choices for that. This one is from H&M.

What do you mama’s and papa’s love to do on your date night?

Oh, and don’t forget we move our clocks forward 1 hour this weekend!  (Spring Forward, Fall Back is how I always remember it haha)

Have a great weekend!

Xs- BW

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