Cheers to you…

I have my good days and bad days.  For me, it’s always a constant battle with myself.  I’m in my head space waaaay to much.  Am I doing this wrong, am I doing that wrong.

In my humble opinion, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.  Let’s be real.  We have those messy buns, no makeup, yoga pants (or sweatpants if you’re feeling frisky), clothes on the sofa, dirty dishes in the sink, kids crying, toys everywhere kinda days.  Don’t get me wrong, if you can pull it together everyday, I admire you.

No matter what your background, it’s hard sometimes.  We’re too hard on ourselves and each other.

I  wanted to post a little reminder…you are a rock star.  You care for your babies, put a roof over their heads, feed them, bath them, wash clothes, run a house and/or have a job, kiss boo boos, whisper I love yous, the list goes on and on but most importantly…you LOVE your baby.  Isn’t that what’s important?  Let not focus on the negatives, but on the positives each day!

And lets not forget about the Papa’s.  The ones that work or stay home to provide and care for the family they helped create.  This post is for you too!  Maybe not the messy buns and yoga pants part, but you are awesome too!

So, I raise my full glass of wine to you mama’s and papa’s…the ones that think they aren’t doing enough,  that think they aren’t doing it right, but are, and just need to hear it.  YOU are doing it.  YOU rock.

With a full glass of wine and clothes on MY sofa…

-Cheers to you





2 thoughts on “Cheers to you…

  1. Very well said Sara! I rock a messy bun/pony tail and yoga pants just about everyday lol and I don’t give a…

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