How was your weekend?

Ours was good, we spent a lot of time together as a family.  E has such a loving, carefree spirit.  I love it.

He’s also quite the character.

A couple of funny things E does…

  1. He yells Mama.  Not in a scared or where-the-heck-are-you kinda way.  More in a I-just-want-to-yell-for-you kinda way.  It’s so funny.  For example, if I walk to the kitchen to put something away, he’ll yell for me.  Even in the car, (he’s still rear facing so he can’t see me).
    • E: MAMA!
    • Me: Yes?
    • E: MAMA!
    • Me: I’m right here papi (I don’t know why we call him this, its just a term of endearment that started with my mother in law)
    • E: (when he sees me or hears me for the second time) **laughs**
  2. A conversation with E…
    • Me: (points to a horse in a book) Horse
    • E: Baby
    • Me: No horse
    • E: Baby?
    • Me: No papi, horse
    • E: Baby
    • Me: *sign* ok, baby horse.
    • E: *laughs*     ++I think he does it to mess with me now, I’m on to you kid++


Aside from having funny conversations with E, I also had a chance to work on a little something.  This cutie will be available tonight…


The front AND back are made with very soft minky fabrics.

I hope your weekend was filled with love and laughter too.

Xs – BW

this is not a sponsored post | please, no negative comments.


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