For the love of Dad

Father’s day is June 19th!

I always struggle with what to get Luis.  He’s such a humble and modest man.  When E was born, he would get up all hours of the night and help also.  He was better at burping E than I was.  He helped change diapers, he watched him while I went outside for some fresh air and he helped me get through those baby-blues days.

He works a full time job, but he helps with EVERYTHING around the house too.  I’ll cook and he’ll wash dishes or I’ll be playing with E and he’ll sweep the house.  He also changes the oil to my car.   One of the things I love the most, he leads our family in prayer everyday.

The only thing I refuse for him to help with…is laundry!  haha.

He truly is an amazing Husband and Father.  He deserves more, with everything that he does to make our little family happy.



As I consider what to get this man for Father’s Day, I wanted to leave you guys with a list of gift ideas…



  1. For the Dad that likes to workout –   Fit Bit Alta
    • He’s been on a mission lately with his workouts, so this could be a good one.
  2. For the hard working Dad – Fossil Messenger Bag
    • Fossil has such a great selection of messenger and work bags for men.  More professional looking than what Luis takes to work now…imho.
  3. For the well groomed Dad – Shave Set
    • Luis has to shave everyday (I actually love the scruffy look, but that’s a no-go at his trabajo) so this could be neat for him too.
  4. For the Music Lover – His favorite vinyl
    • Boy do we love music.  We’re new to vinyl collecting, so I could get him his favorite album on vinyl.
  5. For the organized Dad – Leather Wallet
    • I love these.  I feel like guys like to carry very little with them, so this could be perfect.  Holds everything you need in one place, and you can even personalize it with his name or initials.


You are appreciated and loved very much Luis!

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


Xs – BW

this is not a sponsored post | please, no negative comments





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