A Potty Training Adventure

Luis and I had been talking about when we should potty train E for a while now.  I didn’t want to force it on E, I wanted to introduce it to him little by little.  Let him get used to the idea of using a potty.  So we took a trip to  Target and got a potty for E, we let him pick it out.  We put a few in front of him that he kept trying to get off the display.  We lined them up in front of him and asked him to pick one, in hopes that the experience would be a positive one.  He picked a frog looking one.  We kept it in our bathroom, occasionally moving it and letting him play with it and explained what it was and that he’s supposed to sit down.  We let him followQ us to the bathroom and as unglamorous as this sounds, let him peek his head in if he was curious.

We had been looking for clues to see when he was ready.  One thing he kept doing was pulling at his pamper. So, one day when I knew he was trying to go, I decided, you know what, lets try this out and see how he does.  I took off his pamper and took him to our bathroom and sat him on the toilet.  I should have used the frog, but it was a spur of the moment thing.  I held his hand and sat in front of him.  He was so good!  He wasn’t scared or anything.  I was very impressed with this kid.  After a bit, he started trying to pull at my hands.  Uh oh, he wanted off right?  He wasn’t crying though, just pulling at my hands.  Luis comes in from cutting the grass, and was surprised to find E on the toilet.  “I think he wants off.”  We waited. He pulled at my hands again, I felt bad and thought, well maybe his legs are going numb and wants off.  So I picked him up and stepped out of our  enclosed toilet room with E.  Two steps out and there it was.  Right on the tile floor.  Not 2 seconds after I took him off the toilet.  Poo.  Holding E from his armpits, me in a fierce warrior like yoga pose, looked at Luis, “I don’t think he wanted off, he was pushing.”   We both laughed as Luis, the good man that he is, cleaned up the mess.

Let me tell you, don’t feel pressured to start this little adventure.  Trust your instincts and YOUR kid.  Every kid does things at their own pace.  You can not judge your kid by someone else’s.  Just because one potty trains at 18 months, 2 years or even 2 and half, does NOT mean yours is less than.  It also does not mean you, as a parent, are less than.  Sometimes we (I) forget that with all things in parenting.  They have to be emotionally and physically ready.  It’s going to take some time, but we’ll get there.  Let’s be real, E’s not going to go to high school in pampers.  So have fun with it, offer positive reinforcements and don’t be afraid to get creative.  E is easy, he loves a good high five.

I’ll let you know when this adventure has a happy ending.

Have you guys started potty training? What worked for you?  I’ll post your (positive) comments of encouragement and tips in hopes we can all learn a little something 🙂  It takes a village right?

Have a great weekend!


 | please, no negative comments |

photo cred : pinterest


2 thoughts on “A Potty Training Adventure

  1. It really should be a fun thing! Potty training is one of those things that we easily get stressed over but as my mom used to say, “they won’t walk down the aisle to be married wearing a diaper!” lol You sound very balanced in your approach. 🙂


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