Update + Holiday Gifts

It’s been so long since my last post!

So first, a little update on some of the goings-on…

E turned two and I can’t believe it.  We had a small get together to celebrate.  It was a fiesta theme with lots of fajitas and pan dulce (sweet bread).  I really loved signing happy birthday to E, he gets so shy, but he has the biggest smile.   A few days later we celebrated my sister and Luis’s birthday.  So many birthdays in November!

We also took E to Hermann Park this weekend here in Houston and he loved it.  The weather was perfect (I’ll post a photo on Instagram @aspanglishhome of Ethan and I).  We loved the wind in our face and the sun at our back.  I was afraid he would be wiggly and want to stand up, but he was calm and just took it all in and stayed on my lap the entire ride.  We should have bought the day pass because he was upset he couldn’t ride again.  The train ride takes you around Hermann Park and it’s about an 18 minute ride.  Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good stroll in a park and something to do with the kids.  Plus, the zoo is in the same area so you could make a day of it.

Now, Thanksgiving is almost here and by the time we know it, it’ll be Christmas.  We’ve already started playing Christmas music in our home so I’m getting in the holiday spirit.  Our favorite vinyl right now is Christmas With…Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin 1973.  We’ll hold off on putting up the tree and lights until after Thanksgiving though.

This year I’m going to try and get the presents for the kids in our family taken care of first since that’s always the easiest for me.  I’m the worst gift giver for the adults, so this is me trying to come up with thoughtful gifts for what I would give my mom, sister or friend.

I hope this helps or inspires some ideas for you too…




  • Superstar Adidas  – $80
    • I love these and I’ve always wanted a pair.  They’re like converse, they go with almost everything.  Plus, why not look a little stylish chasing a two year?
  • Midnight Romance Perfume  – $24 – $76
    • My favorite perfume has been Ralph Lauren Romance for years.  This might be my new favorite.
  • Cashmere Scarf – $98
    • A really good scarf is always nice to have.
  • Clutch – $39.17
    • I love a good clutch.  You can put your essentials and toss it in the diaper bag (or my my case, backpack) and go.
  • Watch – $32.47
    • These watches are really cute and come in so many different colors.  My other favorite color is the blue/white


I see lots of turkey, stuffing and apple pie in my future.  Have a good thanksgiving and happy shopping!

I’d love to hear what gifts you’ve given that were successful, comment below! 🙂

– Sara

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