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Bed head is my favorite on this stinky face…


We spent lots of time with family on Thanksgiving reminisced about those good ol’ times and ate tons of good food.  Did you remember to set your scale back ten pounds? 😉   It’s nice to take a few days and just relax and truly focus on what’s really important.

The night of Thanksgiving, Houston has a tree lighting ceremony in our Galleria area.  True to form, we went and showed up just as the fireworks were going off.  I thought Luis said the fireworks were at 8, nope, they were at 7pm.  I was super bummed.  We just laughed it off and went home and ate some more.  Apple pie + the movie Home Alone was just as nice (ok, the fireworks would have been cool, but hey, this was nice too!)

The next morning we woke up and Luis started getting all the Christmas decorations down.  We couldn’t wait to start.  We bought a small fake tree a couple of years ago when E was born because we didn’t want to deal with the pine needles on the floor and all the decorations.  Now that he’s older, I’m going to try and convince Luis to get us a bigger tree.   Usually Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby have great deals on trees after Christmas, so we’ll see.  What do you guys usually do?  A real tree or fake?


A few years ago I got a Canon.  I decided to dust it off and try taking some photos while we decorated.  I have no idea what I’m doing and have an entire new respect for photographers. Hats off to you creative souls.  I have some editing tools, but nothing worth noting.  Maybe I’ll challenge myself each week to post photos to help bring me out of my shell. 🙂

X – Sara

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