Mini Adventure

hey there!

We had a lot fun last weekend when we took E to the houston museum of natural science (hmns).  we saw the dinosaur exhibit and the butterflies and he really liked both.  at this age, you never know how they’ll take anything.  we make sure he’s fed, slept, changed and has his blanket.  i call him linus (from the peanuts) because he has to have this blanket with him at all times, if not, well, no one is happy. he’s had this blanket since he was born.

we ran down the checklist and off we went.

here are some photos of our little adventure…



In the butterfly exhibit, they have all kinds of bugs to look at (and try).  If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know what I’m talking about haha.  spiders are a no for me.  but since they were behind glass, i was ok with them.  this guy though.  just no.


after the bugs, we walked into where they keep the butterflies.  luis and i have lived in houston most of our lives, but this was luis and E’s first time in the butterfly exhibit.  so it was a good bonding experience for them. the butterflies are all so beautiful.  they’re everywhere, so you really have to watch your step.  E kept pointing at them and saying “bug, bug, bug”.  not sure if a biologist would agree with that description, we’re still learning the word butterfly.


we loved this part of the exhibit.  it was so peaceful and relaxing, E loved it.


and of course the only good photo of us i got was one of me with what looks like a milk mustache.  i’ll take what i can get.

happy friday!

X – Sara



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