For the love of



the houston rodeo.

the rodeo started here in houston last week and i’m so excited to take E this year.  if you haven’t been, its a great option if in texas between now and march 26th.  if you’re more into shopping and eating, nrg arena has over 300 vendors.  they have clothes, boots, hats, things for the home and so much more.

luis and i have been a couple of time, to the concert and the carnival.  the last time luis and i went, we tried a fried moonpie.  this time, i’d like to try a fried twinkie, if i can find one.

i was surprised to find out my mom has never been.  you think that would be something i’d know or remember.  so we’re also going to be taking my mom and luis’s mom this time also.

have you guys been?  what’s your favorite things to do/eat/see at the rodeo?

x -Sara

X – Sara

This is not a sponsored post | please, no negative comments.

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