Spring Forward

i cant wait for spring.  i love the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, picnics, parks, camping, swimming, flowers…all kids of stuff to look forward to with E.  plus, i feel like the sun on your face and the wind at your back adds some pep to your step.

i was looking at the spring 2017 ready to wear looks from alice + olivia to give me some inspiration for my closet.  i adore this brand…











| all images from vogue |

i’m a tshirt and jeans kina gal.  i’m also the mom that wears yoga pants to the grocery store. haha.  however, i think i could wear that pink trench coat on a date night or do those cool embroidered jeans with a white shirt.

this brand always gives me some good inspiration for fabrics too.  i’m going to try and sew more, so i’ll be posting what i make here for you guys.

are you guys ready for spring as much as i am?

dont forget to spring forward!  daylight savings is on the 12th 🙂

x – Sara


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