i’ve had to leave a cart in the store and go home because a tantrum was…well a tantrum.  i’ve even left my cart at checkout because my card was declined…the bank failed to leave a voicemail saying they were canceling my card due to possible fraud.  the cashier was less than sympathetic, giving me a frustrated look.   wearing my yoga pants that hadn’t seen a gym in months, a messy bun and a baby crying on my hip…i left.  i laugh about it now, but  grocery shopping can be tricky when you have a tiny human in tow.

last week a friend was telling me they tried ordering groceries online.  guys, this is amazing!  my local grocery store has curbside pickup.  i ordered online, selected a time for pickup and paid.  i went later that day and texted the spot i was parked at.  i didn’t have to get out of the car at all!  i was parked for about 5 minutes.  they even gave E some animal crackers while we waited.

the only downfall…the fruits and vegetables weren’t as fresh and i had hoped.  we decided next time to swing by an organic store and buy ours or maybe take a trip to a farmers market.

gone are the days of going to the grocery store with E, instead, more time playing outside…in my yoga pants and messy bun 😉

have you tried curbside pickup for your groceries?

X – Sara

not a sponsored post | please, no negative comments

photo credit: houston chronicle








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