easter wear

Easter   Easter1

these are from E’s first easter.  we love it around here, especially now that E is a little older.  my sister and mom usually come over and the kids play outside.  my sister has three kids, so i especially love when she comes over because E has playmates.  we have food, an egg hunt and just spend much needed quality time together.

E has grown out of his clothes from last year so i’ve been on the hunt for somethings for him to wear this year.

here’s what i’m loving right now…

this shirt from TheLittleQueenBee


these jeans from the children’s place and suspenders.  i actually found similar suspenders at target for $3.00 at the dollar spot last week.


i love these pants for a more dressy look from zara and shirt with tie from old navy and grey converse.  we’ve bought shoes with laces for E and regretted it.



i couldn’t leave girls out.  i have a niece the same age as E, and i would love to see her in one of these dresses.

i found this dress on google image and shoes on pinterest, but similar here and shoes similar here.


i love this dress too.  i found this one on pinterest but found similar here and similar shoes here and here.


we used to color eggs in our kitchen growing up, so we’re going to try doing that for the first time with E this year and i can’t wait.

easter is april 16th.

X – Sara


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