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growing up, i was always intrigued with friends that knew two languages.  my childhood bestie spoke farsi and i always thought it sounded so beautiful.  i used to love listening to her talk to her parents or younger sister and always wished my parents had taught me spanish.  i always felt like i was missing out or missing opportunities.

my sister and i were never spoken to in spanish.  i was never given a clear reason why we weren’t taught even though my mom and dad both spoke the language.  my sister and i picked up some from staying summers with my grandma and listening to my parents in random conversations, but we were never fluent.   luis on the other hand, spanish was his first language.

luis never had any doubts about E learning both languages.  i was a little worried about teaching him because i was always told that he’d have a hard time in school and would be delayed in speech.  i was told this constantly while pregnant and even as recent as last week.  i would let the negative comments creep in and create doubt.  mostly because its from close friends and family that i love and trust that have the best intentions.

we felt like we’d be doing a disservice to E by not teaching him both languages.  so luis and i both decided that E would learn both.  in my personal opinion, i think there’s this ongoing misconception that language delay is a byproduct of bilingualism.

i’m finding that constant exposure is key, luis talks to E everyday in spanish.  we also have books, cards and videos to help.  i’ve been feeling more comfortable talking to luis and E in spanish more also.  we went to the farmers market the other day and i randomly said something in spanish to luis.  we were both surprised at how well i spoke haha.

so E and i are both benefiting.

are you teaching your kid(s) a second language or did you grow up speaking two?  any advice, suggestions?

X – Sara

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