Road Trip + Etsy Update

We’ve been busy around here.

We packed up the car and road tripped it out of Houston.  We have friends that stay a few hours outside of Houston on 25 acres.  I wish I had a better photo to share.  We were having such a good time disconnecting and catching up that I didn’t even think to take photos.

I got ONE not-very-good photo though:


This was looking outside our guest room.

The kids had so much fun playing outside, E was asleep by 8pm and slept all night.

My friend and I took advantage and talked till midnight catching up.

Her family is vegan, we’re not.  Luis and I were a little worried about what we would eat and joked if we’d be hungry.  Well, we learned a lot about veganism and that even though you cut out animal products, you will not go hungry haha.  She kept us well fed.  Since visiting her, we’ve incorporated more vegetarian meals (some vegan too) into our weekly meal plans.

She’s always been such a good influence on me and I was so bummed when she left Houston.  On the bright side, we have a place we can go to unwind anytime we want.

We’ll definitely be going back.  I need more of her recipes. 🙂

We’ve also been working on some Etsy Shop items.

We now have infant shirts available.

The Man:


Most Beautiful:


Available sizes:



Women’s shirts coming soon…


X – Sara

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