Garage Sale


This past weekend Luis and I had our first garage sale.  We had accumulated so much stuff over the past few years in our home.  I’ve been slowly but surely trying to declutter our home.  I started with the kitchen because that’s the place we hang out the most.  I cleaned out my cabinets with so much stuff that we never use or haven’t used in a year or so.  By the time I was done, I had a big pile of stuff.  I also keep a lot of my crafts in the pantry (really need to find a better place), so I cleaned that out also.  I moved on to our room and Es room and added more to the pile.



The night before, Luis and I went through everything one by one and put a sticky note with what we would be asking.  We knew people would want to haggle, I mean I do when I go to garage sales or flea markets.  So we set prices anticipating the price being brought down.  Try not to overprice though, that can deter a customer.  We put about half of what we paid or thought we paid for the item, sometimes even less than that depending on how used an item was.

I would also like to add, clean/wash whatever items you’re selling.  If it looks nice and in good condition, it will have a better chance of selling.



First, set up early!  We were ready for our first customer by 7am.

I know staging might sound unimportant, but I would have to respectfully disagree.  I think staging helps your garage sale look inviting and your items look enticing.  We had a couple of long tables with everything spread out neatly and in categories like kitchen, decor and toys.

We made sure signs were at each of our neighborhood entrances with arrows to help guide the drivers along the way.  We bought some really nice ones at our local dollar store, it’s worth the investment.

We were also selling some items that would need to be plugged in.  We made sure to provide an extension cored if anyone wanted to test anything out.  For us, it did come in handy since one customer wanted to see if an item was working before purchasing.



I was getting anxiety the night before because I was anticipating the haggling.  I’m already awkward enough, then to be put in that scenario was a little nail biting.   Turns out, it was nothing to stress about.   Everyone pretty much asked, “what about…” while holding the item or “would you take…”.

If you’re not so lucky, don’t worry.  Luis found himself with one customer asking, “what’s the lowest price you’ll go?”  Knock a couple of dollars off like he did.  If they’re still not satisfied and you want to just get rid of things, I think it’s ok to ask them what they’re willing to offer.  You can always agree or disagree.  It is your stuff after all.

You also want to keep change on you.  I went to the bank the day before and got some one dollar bills and quarters.

Have Fun:

One last tip…Have fun!

Meet new people and strike up conversations.  Everyone that stopped by, we asked them how they were and smiled. We met some nice folks, and not all purchased.  We listened to music and played with E outside taking turns helping customers.  I think the music helped lighten the mood and took the pressure off of everyone.  Well, for me it did anyway.



Do you have any good tips I can use for my next sale?  Comment below!


XO – Sara

|| Photo Creds: All photos via Pinterest with credit to and ||



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