4th of July + Update

Hey there friends!

I hope everyone had a good and safe 4th.

Luis had an extra long weekend because he had Monday off.  I, unfortunately, had to work.  On Saturday, we had some friends invite us to a festival. They have a son the same age as E, so we all had a good time.

E loved this little train ride.  They had to come and get someone to keep all the kids and parents in line because everyone was so excited.  E rode twice.


E waiting impatiently to ride again.


E had cotton candy for the first time.  You can see the fear in his face haha.


“wait…is that what cotton candy tastes like?”


Aaaaand the after haha…


They had all kinds of sweets and food.  Hambergers, hotdogs (we had a big breakfast so we didn’t eat the food), watermelon, popcorn, cookies and snow cones.


The festival was right by a park, so we took the boys and they just got so red.  They had the festival from 11-2!  Guys, that’s the hottest time of the day.  So we didn’t stay much longer after that.


I included this photo for a reason.  You see that piece of hair on the left hanging to his shoulder?  It was bugging me so bad.  I give him little trims at home.  I say trim, but I really just cut pieces of hairs that get in his face and just a little on the bottom.  Well, that little piece was bugging me so bad…..


I told Luis, you know what, I can even it out.  I feel so bad.  I cut waaaaaaay to much off.  If you follow me on Instagram, if I get the nerve to do it, I’ll post a newer photo of my poor papi.  I keep telling myself, it’ll grow back out, it’s hair, his birthday is in November, that’s plenty of time for it to grow out *face palm*.  I feel so bad.

Luis just busts out laughing randomly and I already know what he’s laughing about.

I can handle Luis, but his mom, yikes.  E is her baby.  I asked Luis what she thought.  All he said was that she thought it was too short.  I’m sure he spared me the harsh words only a mother in law can dish.  haha.

Has anyone else done this?  Please tell me I’m not alone haha.

Happy Thursday!





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